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Enjoy the pleasure of simple conversations with French speakers,
in a relaxed atmosphere over a coffee

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Our team of tutors comprises solely of native French speakers, all with many years of teaching experience
French classes based mainly on conversations
Learn French with mature students, over a coffee in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We do not want you to feel like you are back to college but more on a holiday break in France!

Native experienced French tutors

All our tutors are from French speaking countries so you will learn how to have the perfect accent and will be immersed in the french language from day one.

Flexible time

We know how busy life can get nowadays so we have morning classes ( just after school drop off ) or evening classes ( after work ). We even offer Skype lessons if you can not get to us!

Very good value for money.

We tend to keep our classes small – maximum 12 students. So you will have many opportunities to speak and interact during the class. Join us for a great laugh!

Attend our classes in Ealing or have the option of private lessons via skype

What our students say

“I have been attending Virginie’s beginners’ class since September. I studied French for 6 years at school, back in the day, and it’s amazing how much has come back to me. However, the conversation aspect was so lacking then – it was all grammar and conjugation – and this class so much more useful for conversation.”

Sally Woodgate

“Virginie is very patient with those of us who are a bit slow. Challenging and enjoyable in equal measures.”

Peter McGovern

“I’ve been meaning to try to improve my French for ages and saw about… Virginie’s class and took the plunge. I’ve been going for just over a year and have enjoyed re-learning what I learnt at school many years ago and much that is new. I enjoy the mixture of activities and will long remember the fun I had trying to precis a French recipe for meatballs! Her classes are well worth trying if you want to improve your French.”

David Highton

“I really enjoy Virginie’s classes and feel I’ve learnt more French in the short time I’ve been studying with her than I ever have before. My confidence and ability have improved enormously in the time I’ve studied with her and I’d recommend her classes to everyone.”


“I’ve been going to Virginie’s classes for just over a year now and I feel that my French has improved immensely in that time. The classes are fun and conversational, and as well as learning the finer points of French grammar there is also plenty of chat about current affairs, holidays and other everyday topics, which I feel has really improved my ability to speak French more naturally. Virginie also includes a really useful mix of speaking, listening and writing activities so there is always something different to do. I’d thoroughly recommend her classes.”

Allie Collins

Simple pricing.

For Beginner or Advanced

Buy 4 lessons
and get 1 Lesson Free
(usually £75 for 5 )


5 lessons

For Beginner or Advanced

Buy 8 lessons
and get 2 lessons free
(usually £145 for 10 )


10 lessons

Class Times :

Monday : 8pm – 9:30pm
Tuesday : 9:30am – 11am
Thursday : 9:30am – 11am
Friday : 9:30am – 11am

French lessons for all levels

Whether you wish to improve your writing skills, or you are planning a trip to a French-speaking country – possibly even moving abroad, or just want to do some extra revision for your upcoming exams, our tailor-made language classes will meet your needs.