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Virgile Language Training is a West London based language services company specializing in French tuition for individuals and professionals of all ages and levels.

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Potential career paths

Our team of tutors comprises solely of native French speakers, all of whom have been working in teaching for many years.




We provide a comprehensive range of language training solutions for adults, students and businesses, ranging from one-to-one French tuition to group classes and online tuition.

We also run French classes for children in collaboration with La Jolie Ronde French club (group only).

All our staff are here to listen to your requirements, ensuring that you are satisfied at the end of your training.
We determine the level of each individual with a free language assessment before the start of the course.

I find the course to be a really good mix of written, reading and conversational French and I am now much more confident to speak in French during the class!”



After school club teacher

Born In montpellier, Saida had a French education. She has mooved to London 15 years ago and join our team 2 years ago. Along with her classes in the Grange school, Saida also works a couple of days a a week in her daughter’s school in Hounslow where she teaches French. She really enjoys spending time with the children in her class and enjoy teaching them French year after year.



After school and adult French teacher

After working for 1 year with La Jolie Ronde, Nadege decided to gain some teaching experience in secondary school. As she really enjoyed working with the little ones , she decided to come and work with our club again this year. Nadege is from Nantes (the Loire valley region), and has been living in England for 10 years.



After school club and adult French teacher

After doing all her scholarship in a French school in Liban, she started her teaching career there, teaching French in Nurseries and Primary schools. Her dynamism and her enthusiasm is contagious and the children love going to her class after school. Maya teaches mainly children but also adults as a private tutor.



Director and teacher |

Virginie has been running La Jolie Ronde children Club in West London for 9 years. Along with her team of tutors, she was also teaching French in her after school clubs. Due to the high demands for private tuition and adult tuition, she started to run Virgile Language conversational classes  2 years ago and really enjoy teaching adults too.

Learn French in your own time

Native experienced French tutors

Whether you wish to improve your writing skills, or you are planning a trip to a French-speaking country - possibly even moving abroad, or just want to do some extra revision for your upcoming exams, our tailor-made language programs can meet your needs.

Academic French

Academic French is tuition aimed at students who are preparing for an exam and need
to improve their writing and listening skills (GCSE and A-level) .

Our experienced tutors will help you get
to grips with the nuances of the language, working on your pronunciation and grammar, teaching you specific vocabulary according
to the exam for which you are preparing.

Online tutoring

Online French tuition are for individuals
or professionals, many of whom may have
a hectic lifestyle, not leaving much time
to learn a language.

You can choose where and when you want
to do it as long as you have access
to a computer and internet.

Online tutoring is a very flexible
and effective way to learn French.

Conversational French

 Our Conversational French Courses
are for people who would like to enjoy
the pleasure of simple conversations
with French speakers, where they learn vocabulary and how to structure simple sentences to introduce themselves,
order food in a restaurant, ask for a doctor
or talk about their friends or family.

We have many levels from beginners
to advanced.

Corporate French

For our corporate clients, we can provide tutoring on a one-to-one basis
or in a group (no more than 10 trainees per class) for Elementary, intermediate
and advanced levels in marketing, administration and Banking sectors.

We also have Relocation courses suitable
for people who have an overseas assignment.

French courses for children

 At Virgile Language Training,
we understand the importance of children learning a language from a very young age,
at a time when their brains are most able
to absorb a new vocabulary.

That is why we work in conjunction
with La Jolie Ronde French Club
to provide fun and interactive classes
for Children.

Language course reviews

"I have been very happy with taking French class in Virgile language school.  The course
is very interactive and pushes you to come out of your comfort zone and talk in the new language in a comfortable environment."
Petra- Hanwell

" We learn and laugh in equal amounts,
so don't hesitate to join a class." 

David- Ealing



Language levels

We have different language levels ranging from beginners, beginners + (A1), elementary (A2) and intermediates (B1).  Our trainers follow the CEFR Program which is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The CEFR T is an international standard for describing language ability. It is used around the world to describe learners' language skills. You can check your level here.


Language teachers and trainers

We are proud of our excellent team of tutors who all have teaching experience, and are passionate about their native language. They enjoy sharing their cultures and their passion for the language.

Our tutors are always eager to find some fun activities and role plays to put the students in real-life situations.
Check our tutors and their experiences here
. (link)

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We have 2 main locations for our conversational classes which are based
in Northfields  (The Foresters pub
2 Leighton Rd, Hanwell, London W13 9EP)
and South Ealing ( 44 south Ealing Road, South Ealing).

Our after school clubs are located in specific schools in West London ( click here for the lists) and we also have one centre in west Ealing at St John's church  for any children who would like to join The French club.

  • Native experienced French tutors
  • Very good value for service
  • Courses available all around London 
  • Learn French in your own time
  • At Home or in your office
  • Small group size (12 max)
  • Free first assessment