Elementary A2 10 Weeks – Acton


Mondays from 11am to 12.30 am at the Chatsworth/ Acton from the 21/01/19 to 01/04/19 for 10 weeks *- £150

*Please note there will be no class at half term on the 18/02/19
Maximum Number of students: 12

This course is mainly based on conversations. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and is great for parents / self employed / part time mature students who have some spare time in the morning . We talk about French culture over a coffee and talk about our day to day activities in French. Our class is always a good laugh!
The class is taught all in French ( apart from some grammar points)

We accept students through the term, so please do not hesitate to contact us by email if you would like to join us!
We also accept other method of payments like bank transfer, cheque or cash. Please email us for more details. Merci!



– In this 10 weeks course, you will learn:

All the elements of the intermediate A2 5 weeks course:

  • Talk about future events- To compare quality, quantity and actions
  • How to express worries, and to do a suggestion or to reassure someone
  • Talk about work , company, education and training
  • Make some projects and talk about it.
  • talk about our worries
  • Make a suggestion

And also:

  •  The use of the pronoun “ en” and “y”
  • How to express a condition
  • How to express a taste for something ( to buy clothes for instance)  and preferences
  • Do a suggestion
  • Comment a press article

Additional entry requirements
To join this class, you should have done about 90-120 hours of French before or to have completed the Beginner level A1


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