Grange Primary School Tuesday Class


Church Gardens, 
Ealing, W5 4HN
Tuesday class from 3.15 to 4.10
Program Bonjour La France for Year 3/4

Classes will run from 14/01/2020 to the 24/03/2020 (10 lessons for the term).

Existing pupils: £63 /Term
New pupils: £63 + book/CD/ Audio access £15 = £78 / term

Book and CD compulsory for all new pupils this term (It is a one/off payment for the year). You will be able to add the books and Audio at the end of the payment process. 

It is possible for the children to join us anytime during the year. If you would like your child to join us half way during the term, please contact us directly.

Club fees payment:

– Please click on ” add to cart” below to add the course to the cart
– Then click on ” view cart” at the top of the page to view your cart and go through the payment process. You can then add the book/audio if your child is a new to the club.

If you encounter any technical issues and can not pay through the website by card or Paypal, you would have the possibility to pay by bank transfer or cheque, please contact us directly.

If your child is new to the club, please complete the registration form provided at the end of the payment process. We need those important details for our register and for the safety of your children so we are aware of who is collecting them. Merci!

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French club books

Bonjour la France

Course description:

This program is based on real communication situations and includes mainly role plays, oral and practical activities, with the addition of reading and writing as they progress through the course. New games and song are introduced at each lesson to practice the vocabulary and phrases. In this program, each lesson is covered within 2 weeks and during the all year, we will practice the “ French bath “ which is a 5-10 mn (per lesson) revision of the vocabulary the children have seen previously. It is also suitable for new children as we revise this vocabulary all year round through fun flash cards games so they can learn it at anytime.

This year, we will cover many themes:

  • Numbers
  • Directions
  • Places
  • Animals
  • Countries
  • Transports
  • People and family
  • Greetings and personal questions (about location, age..)
  • Food, drinks and associated words
  • House and garden
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Shops
  • Many simple questions and answers (like : what is it? what are you doing? where do you live? is it good or bad? where is.. in French)
  • The weather
  • Cutlery and furnitures
  • Many Verbs (like:to play, to eat, to live, to like, to be. to have..)
  • Parts of face and body

For more details about the program, please click below on the course outline below:

Course outline (2019/20) : (open link in a new tab)
1st term Bonjour la France- course outline
2nd term- bonjour la France- Course outline
3rd term-Bonjour la France-Course outline



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