Stanwell Fields C. Of E. School Mondays class


Clare Road, 
Stanwell, TW19 7DB
Mondays for 3.00 to 4.00 pm
Mon tour de France program (2nd part) for Year 5 / 6

Classes will run from Monday the 29/04/19 to 15/07/19 (10 lessons)

Existing pupils: £63 for the term
new pupils:
£ 63 + £15 (for book/CD/audio) : £78 for the term

Book and CD are compulsory for all new pupils. You will be able to add the books and Audio at the end of the payment process.

It is possible for the children to join us anytime during the year. If you would like your child to join us half way during the term, please contact us directly.

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Mon tour de France program (2nd part):

In this program, we will use real communication situations suited to the interests, experience and social and intellectual development of this age group.

Each lesson is covered within ¾ weeks and it includes many roleplay, games, song and written exercises so the children have a great time learning the language.

This year, the children will also be encouraged to learn about the country they are studying and we will see many interesting facts and traditions about the French regions .

During the all year, we will practice the “ French bath “ which is a 5-10 mn (per lesson) revision of the vocabulary they have seen the past months. This French program is also suitable for new children as we revise this vocabulary all year round through fun flash cards games so they can learn it anytime during the academic year.

This year, the children will see many topics:

1st term:
– New food and drinks vocabulary.
– Asking what there is to drink and eat.
– Asking for items to be passed to you.
– Saying what your eat at certain meals time.

2nd term:
– Offering Food and drinks ( fruits, vegetables, meat and others) and the negation.
– Talking and asking about food preferences.
– The different places around town ( police station, hospital, church..)
– Asking and giving directions
– Giving location (prepositions: under, above, in front of, between..), the verb aller ( to go to..)

3rd term:
– The different parts of an house and the rooms.
– Writing and reading description
– Giving and asking for address and phone number
– Telephone conversation
– The different times of the day ( morning, afternoon..)
– The use of pronouns  ( look for it, here it is..)
– Writing questions using qu’est-ce que, quel/le, ou ( what do, which, what, where)
– Describing what people are doing in an house
All the topics are continually reintroduced
e.g: time will be reintroduced with food).

For more details about the program, please click on the course outline below:

Course outline (2018/19): (open link in a new tab)
1st term Mon tour (2nd part)
2ndterm Mon tour (2nd part)
3rd term Mon tour (2nd part)


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