French beginner A1+ (10 weeks) – Northfields


Tuesday class starting from the 16th of April to the 02nd of July 2024 ( 1.40 to 3.10 pm) ( No class from the 25/05 to the 02/06 – Half term)

– 10 weeks*- £150

This course is mainly based on conversations. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and is great for mature students / self employed or pensioners who have some spare time during the day .

We talk about French culture over a coffee and talk about our day-to-day activities in French. Our class is always a good laugh!
The class is run all in French (apart from some grammar points)
Maximum numbers if students: 12

We accept students through the term, so please do not hesitate to contact us by email if you would like to join us!
We also accept other method of payments like bank transfer, cheque or cash. Please email us for more details. Merci!


Course description:

In this 10 weeks course, you will learn all of the elements of the 5 weeks course:

  • Practical situations while traveling
  • How to choose and negotiate a common activity
  • How to explain the advantages and inconvenience of a specific activity
  • How to talk about transports
  • How to Talk about our holiday
  • How to give recommendations
  • How to compare things

and also:

  • The different ways to ask a question
  • To talk about food, party, meal in French
  • Describe and organise a meal or a party
  • How to order food in a restaurant and ask for explanations about the menu
  • Express our tastes
  • Practical situations encounter in hotels and restaurants

Additional entry requirements
This class is for beginners who have basic knowledge of French. You must know how to say the greetings, introduce yourself,  say thank you, make a simple sentence with some verbs in present tense (1st group/ 2nd group) , express your taste and say what you like to do (hobbies). You must also know how to ask questions with ” est-ce que ”  and “qu’est-ce que” and be able to make simple sentences with (devoir/ must), aller (to go), vouloir ( to want), faire ( to do). You must also be able to describe someone physically.


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